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Welcome to International Journal of CSR and Sustainability (IJCS)

IJCS is  a new international peer-reviewed journal aiming at publishing high quality research findings with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Humanity has woken up to the realization that it is important to balance the needs of the present without compromising the survival of the future. Organizations across the globe therefore must now focus on both increasing its bottom line and being a good corporate citizen. IJCS aims to encourage and publish research that can be a guide to corporate leadership and strategy by advancing understanding and providing thought leadership  through its output.

IJCS provides a lively and friendly forum for academics, practitioners and policy makers, at all levels and stages of their careers, from different parts of the world, to present and discuss their latest findings in CSR and Sustainability studies of particular interest areas but are not limited to: 

Stakeholder Theory, Contemporary public and social issues in CSR, Consumerism and Environmentalism, Global environmental issues, Strategic Philanthropy, Environmental management systems & Environmental protection, Sustainable development & Agenda 21, Corporate sustainability programs, Integration of environmental, social, human, and economic goals, Development of laws and policy, Government and nonprofit initiatives, Green Supply Chain, Reporting and communicating CSR, CSR and Millennium Development Goals, waste management, Pollution control (Toxic products, Waste disposal, Water resources),Social Audit, Ethics and ethical frameworks, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity and conservation, Natural resource management, Climate Change, Renewable energy and Sustainable cities

IJCS is intended to reach out to academicians and Business leaders,researchers, managers and specialists in this area.  IJCS  will welcome articles from different regions of the world and aims to publish articles that can be theoretical, empirical and/or policy oriented. The basic aim of the journal is to encourage research on new developments and perspectives in this field  by publishing both theoretical and empirical research relating to CSR and Sustainability issues.