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Editorial Board

Nancy E. Landrum,Ph.D.

Department of Management,
University of Arkansas at Little Rock,USA.

Rajiv Kashyap,Ph.D.

Department of Marketing and Management,
William Paterson University,USA.

Mary Jeanne Welsh,Ph.D.

Chair of Accounting Department,
Professor of Accounting,
La Salle University,USA.

Colin Higgins,Ph.D.,

Deakin Graduate School of Business,
Faculty of Business & Law,
Deakin University, Australia

Kenneth W. Kury,Ph.D.

The Saint Joseph's University,USA.

Bruce Paton,Ph.D.

Department of Management
San Francisco State University,USA.

Meine Pieter van Dijk,Ph.D.

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education,
The Netherlands.

S. Jimmy Gandhi,Ph.D.,

Department of Manufacturing Systems
Engineering & Management,
College of Engineering & Computer Science,
California State University, Northridge.USA.

Jacqueline Bloemhof,Ph.D.,

Chair Group: Operations Research and Logistics
Engineering & Management,
Wageningen University,Netherlands

Shruti Gupta,Ph.D.,

The Pennsylvania State University
at Abington,USA.

James J. Roh,Ph.D.,

Rohrer College of Business,
Rowan University,USA.

Santosh Venkatraman,Ph.D.,

Professor of Business Information Systems,
Tennessee State University,USA.

Joseph Sprangel, Jr.,Ph.D.,

Mary Baldwin College,USA.

Sandra D Edwards,Ph.D.,

Professor,Department of Business Administration,
Northeastern State University,USA.

Jerzy Surma,Ph.D.,

Department of Management Systems,
Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Vu Minh Khuong

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public,
Policy, National University of Singapore,

Advisory Board

P. V. Ramana, Ph.D. - Chairman, ITM Trust
R. P. Mohanty, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor, SOA University
Ganesh Raja, Ph.D. - Director, ITM Business School
C. S. Adhikari, Ph.D. - Dean, ITM Business School
Nitin Putcha - Vice President, ITM Business School
R.S.S Mani -Vice President, ITM Business School
V.V.Sople, Ph.D. Director, ITM-SIA Business School

Editorial Team

Shelja Jose, Ph.D., (Professor) - Editor
Vandana Tripathi, (Assistant Professor) - Associate Editor
Vijayanta Pawase, (Lecturer) - Assistant Editor
Shrilaja Palur, (Research Associate) - ITM Business School

Creative Team

Amit Jalvi Red Eye
Swapnil Sonalkar Red Eye
Lalitha Iyer Red Eye
Megha Dhuri Red Eye
Ramana Ranjan ITM, Web Admin