Editorial Board

  • Nancy E. Landrum,Ph.D.

    Department of Management,
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock,USA.
  • Rajiv Kashyap,Ph.D.

    Department of Marketing and Management,
    William Paterson University,USA.
  • Mary Jeanne Welsh,Ph.D.

    Chair of Accounting Department,
    Professor of Accounting,
    La Salle University,USA.
  • Timothy Dowding,Ph.D.

    Operations and Information Management Department
    Director, edgelab Connecticut Information Technology Institute, University of Connecticut,USA.
  • Kenneth W. Kury,Ph.D.

    The Saint Joseph's University,USA.

  • Bruce Paton,Ph.D.

    Department: Management
    San Francisco State University,USA.

  • Meine Pieter van Dijk,Ph.D.

    UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education,
    The Netherlands.
  • S. Jimmy Gandhi,Ph.D.,

    Department of Manufacturing Systems
    Engineering & Management,
    College of Engineering & Computer Science,
    California State University, Northridge.USA.

Advisory Board

P. V. Ramana, Ph.D. - Chairman, ITM Trust
R. P. Mohanty, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor, SOA University
Ganesh Raja, Ph.D. - Director, ITM Business School
C. S. Adhikari, Ph.D. - Dean, ITM Business School
Nitin Putcha - Vice President, ITM Business School
R.S.S Mani -Vice President, ITM Business School

Editorial Team

Shelja Jose, Ph.D.,Professor - Editor
Vandana Tripathi,Assistant Professor - Associate Editor
Vijayanta Pawase,Lecturer - ITM Business School
Shrilaja Palur,Research Associate - ITM Business School

Creative Team

Amit Jalvi Red Eye
Swapnil Sonalkar Red Eye
Lalitha Iyer Red Eye
Megha Dhuri Red Eye
Ramana Ranjan ITM, Web Admin